12/12/2012 05:06:00 PM

Is The Future of Food Journalism on Kickstarter?

A sample photo from Middlewest
More and more restaurateurs have turned to online fundraising platforms to get their dream venues up and running, and now food journalists are following suit. One new Kickstarter project that's currently raising dollars is a magazine dubbed Middlewest, which promises to combine recipe cards and food journalism in a semi-annual collection of recipes. Take a look: "Middlewest is a semiannual food and recipe magazine. But it doesn't look quite like other magazines. The pages are unbound, and it's printed on thick cardstock; each page acts as its own recipe card. So you can think of Middlewest as a cooking magazine, or you can think of it as a set of recipe cards."

The funding seems successful so far, the enterprise has raised almost $7,000 of it's $9,000 goal. The team behind it has some industry cred, the editor and photo person is from Time Out Chicago. In a digital age, it's nice to see someone trying to keep the print love alive. Get the info here.


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