12/10/2012 01:41:00 PM

Hotel Americano Will Launch Winter Bar Conosur Tomorrow

The Grill at La Piscine during the summer
Trend alert: New York City's outdoor bars and rooftops are changing things up for winter. First, the Hudson Hotel changed their courtyard into a ski-themed lounge and then Midtown rooftop lounge Haven followed suit with their own winter wonderland. Now, it's the Hotel Americano's turn. The Chelsea property is the home of La Piscine during the summer, but the St. Tropez-inspired pool bar isn't really a good for for the cold. Well, a visit to the hotel's website reveals that the bar is going to be called Conosur during the winter months.

Like the other wintery spots, a selection of fondues will be served. Other dishes include marinated sardines and a fall vegetable salad with sherry vinaigrette. You can get a look at the full menu here, and stay tuned for the concept's debut on December 11.


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