12/07/2012 02:31:00 PM

Host a Party With Rodin and Matisse

Town Hall Coffee Co.'s Chemex set-up on the Art Museum balcony
While the decor at the last party you planned was probably plenty festive, you can do better. How can we be so sure? Because there’s not much out there that could beat a backdrop of an original Matisse painting, except maybe a lineup of bronze Rodin sculptures. Yes, you can now host your event at one of many spaces in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, complete with catering by Stephen Starr Events.

We experienced this first hand recently, and can say that strolling through the galleries of the recently renovated Rodin Museum while sipping on an orchid-garnished cocktail is a pretty amazing (and definitely under-appreciated) experience. In warmer months, gatherings can take place right outside, in the garden surrounding the famous Thinker statue.

Alternate venues at the museum include the Great Stair Hall - that monumental main entrance space crowned by a statue of Diana shooting a bow and arrow - and the East Terrace Sculpture Garden, surrounded by live flowers and statues. For sustenance, you get to choose food and drink items from almost any of Starr Restaurants’ many establishments, in formats like passed hors d’oeuvres, buffet spreads or sit-down, plated dinners.

Keep the museum in mind if you’re involved in hosting a party for work or play - Impressionists can really help in creating a lasting impression.


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