12/21/2012 02:58:00 PM

Henry's Tacos Still on Chopping Block, Fans Flocking in Support

Rallying and eating to save the stand
The hubbub over the closing of Henry's Tacos continues to build as everyone from celebrities to dedicated regulars have turned out to supprot the iconic San Fernando Valley taco stand. According to the LA Times, Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul really did hold a rally last weekend, and other celebs like Elijah Wood and George Lopez showed up, too. Lopez even paid for everyone's food for an hour (the bill totaled $945).

But the regular locals are also lending their voices and dollars to save the spot. More than 5,700 people have signed the online petition in support, and now there's an Occupy Tujunga Facebook page and plenty of #savehenrystacos Twitter chatter has gotten louder. Whether any of this will stop the sale is yet to be seen.

The battle ensued once owner Janis Hood filed to have the stand designated as a historical monument. She believes the landlord, Mehran Ebrahimpour, doesn't want any designation because it will restrict development of the property down the line. Since then, he's increased the rent by 50% and has refused to renew the lease since last December. Hood, wanting to retire from the business her family has owned since 1961, has had offers from people wanting to buy it, but the landlord has blocked each one. Right now, the plan is for Hood to close at the end of the year, which means you have 10 days to get your crispy taco fix.

Photo: My Last Bite


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