12/04/2012 11:24:00 AM

Help For The Holidays: "Eat Out and Check In" to Feed the Hungry

There is a lot of guilt swirling around during the holidays. No, we are not talking about our mother. We are talking about the pang of enjoying a good meal, in white-tablecloth restaurants, while many do not have the luxury of food on their table. Martha Bayne first confronted us with this idea before Thanksgiving. Her essay in Time Out asked the question: Why don’t we think about hunger when writing about food? It’s not that we are ignorant of the issue of urban starvation, but rather let ourselves ignore it even when it’s sitting in front of us on street corners and park benches.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository has launched a program to help ease our guilt. “Eat Out, Check In” donates money to help those in need every time users check into local restaurants during the holidays. The app can by synced to Foursquare or Facebook and the users determine the dollar amount donated. So, now our usual obnoxious check-ins is for a good cause, and we can eat easier knowing we won’t be the only one enjoying a hot meal.

Too bad there isn’t an app to silence our mother.

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  1. I've been doing this, and it's awesome. A way to be bad, and good at the same time.