12/13/2012 01:09:00 PM

Galeto Brazilian Restaurant Taps 3 Major Restaurant Trends at Once

From Peru to Argentina, the trend for South American food shows no signs of slowing down next year. For that matter, neither does the trend for chicken or restaurants opening in Soho.

Hitting all three trends at once is Galeto - a Brazilian street food-inspired restaurant opening on Dean Street in March 2013. The new concept will focus on a menu of chicken (Galeto translates to little chicken) including burgers and grilled whole and half chicken with exotic sauces like tropical fruit barbeque and mango and lime. The carnival-inspired interiors will feature an open kitchen and Robata wood-burning grill so diners can watch all the action - and if they can't see the kitchen they can watch the birds being cooked on a screen near their table.

Fingers crossed they don't try and jump on the no-reservations trend too.


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