12/03/2012 11:29:00 AM

First Bite: Big Gay Ice Cream Opens in the West Village

While the West Village Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is slated to officially open today at noon, we swung by their soft launch Saturday afternoon to chat with Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff to get the full scoop (ahem) on their second storefront.

If this second Big Gay Ice Cream locale appeared to come out of nowhere, that’s because it did. Doug and Bryan weren’t even looking to expand in the area when the owner of the space reached out to them to see if they were interested. Hmm... anyone else have some space that they aren’t using?

The newest shop features a large counter top space so customers and can linger and watch while the employees dazzle the cones with specialty toppings. Current ice cream offerings mirror those of the East Village locale, with ice cream sandwiches coming soon from Melt as well as popsicles from Fany Gerson, once her equipment is back up to shape after Hurricane Sandy wiped her out. Those familiar with the sparkly unicorn mural in the East Village location will be happy to know that attention-getting window treatments for the front of the store are on their way, after their printer also recovers from the hurricane.

In addition to the current soft-serve offerings, popsicles and ice cream sandwiches, Doug and Bryan also promise a huge addition to the West Village menu to come in a few weeks. (Hmm... are those empty cake stands on a shelf, glowing in an awaiting spotlight?)

Downstairs to the shop is the Big Gay Ice Cream’s new test and prep kitchen. Instead of everything being made in small batches in the East Village, the crew will now be able to produce their specialty sauces and toppings as well as ice cream flavors such as coffee and brownie batter in bulk, ensuring consistency in both Big Gay locations.

And, because there is no rest for the weary, Doug and Bryan are still hard at work on another upcoming project: their first official cookbook.

The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in the West Village is located at 61 Grove Street and 7th Ave South and will be open from noon until midnight every day of the week.


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