12/07/2012 03:14:00 PM

Estelle Launches Brunch in the South End

Photo: Jessica Miller
A week after opening, Estelle's in South End will be launching a Southern-inspired weekend brunch starting tomorrow at 11 AM. The menu will include options like spicy-smoked chicken liver deviled eggs ($3.95), stuffed French toast "Monte Cristo style" with smoked turkey, ham, Gruy√®re cheese and spiced fries ($12.95), and a brisket and sweet potato hash ($12.95). For those that prefer liquid meals, there'll be three $8.95 specialty cocktails, including a mimosa, "South End Screwdriver" and "Bloody Estelle's." None of the options sound particularly healthy, but the best tasting things never are, right?  (11 AM-3 PM; 857-250-2999).


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