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Eat This, Do This, Read This: Philly Weekend Planner, December 14-16

Bad or good, service is less of an issue at brunch, when prices are lower and atmosphere is more relaxed. Check out two tantalizing new specials to try this weekend, along with some boozy events. When you get a chance to relax, check out the new campaign a 13-year-old started to make it easier for little boys to play chef. And did you hear? Beer is good for you, science says so!

Eat This

Red Velvet Pancakes at Valanni
The distinctive but pleasantly sour flavor of red velvet cake just begs for maple syrup. Pour some on the stack of chef John Strain’s new pancake offering at the Wash West tapas house, which is topped off with ricotta cream cheese frosting and toasted marcona almonds. Extra bonus: the whole decadent pile can be yours for just $10 (215-790-9494).

Fried Chicken and Rosemary Ricotta Waffles at Rittenhouse Tavern
Chef Nicholas Elmi broke out the old school waffle iron to create a new special at this Rittenhouse American. The classic combo of chicken and waffles is taken to a new level, with fresh rosemary and creamy ricotta playing perfect partner to the crispy, buttermilk-brined fried chicken ($15; 215-732-2412).

Do This

Drunk Lion at Plays & Players
The small Rittenhouse theater that’s been around since the early 1900s is putting on a food-and-drink-centric show this weekend. If the story of a lonely alcoholic lion sounds intriguing, you’ll get a kick out of this story of a cross-species friendship forged over margaritas and tacos in a Mexican cantina. Tickets (available here) are $15 for shows on 10 PM Friday or 6:30 and 10 PM on Saturday (215-735-0630).

95 Problems but a Bridge Ain’t One at Tequilas
The Philadelphia Chapter of the United States Bartending Guild is gathering all the best drink makers in town (and even some who have moved out of state) for a Sandy relief fundraising bash at this Rittenhouse upscale Mexican. Drinks will be $10 each and all proceeds - including tips - will go to hurricane recovery efforts. The party starts at 9 PM and will stretch into the wee hours. More info here (215-546-0181).

Read This

One Girl’s Quest to Make the Easy-Bake Oven More Boy-Friendly
Gavyn Boscio is four years old, and he really loves cooking. His family’s discovery that it’s nearly impossible to find an Easy-Bake Oven in colors other than pink and purple sparked his 13-year-old sister McKenna to start a campaign to change that. Her video plea to Hasbro has gotten the attention of the national media as well as several male chefs, including Philly’s own Brad Spence, who made their own video pitch to the toy maker. Follow #everyonecancook on Twitter to keep up with the story.

Beer is Good for You: Study Finds Anti-Virus Powers
Thank you, science! Japanese researchers working with Sapporo Breweries found that humulone, a compound found in hops, is an effective guard against a virus that causes pneumonia and is also responsible for many cases of the common cold. So if you want to stay healthy this winter, drink up.


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