12/11/2012 09:15:00 AM

Denny's Unveils Wedding Chapel at Vegas Location

Now Denny's really does have it all. We thought the national chain's Hobbit-themed breakfast was enough to make it the number one place for breakfast (or, second breakfast for Frodo obsessives), but soon you'll be able to order a side of bacon and a wedding license all in one location. A Vegas outpost with a built-in wedding chapel is in the works - starting in the new year, guests will be able to exchange vows over a bottomless pot of coffee.

A rep for the chain reports that finding love amidst the pancakes is nothing new. From an article on Huff Post: "Many of our guests have actually held a number of weddings in our diners across the country. Either they met at a Denny’s, their first date was at a Denny’s, or they worked at a Denny’s, so that’s why they come back to us for their special occasions." Awwww, hobbits in love.


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