12/13/2012 09:34:00 AM

Updated: Ramen Master Ivan Orkin May Offer Late-Night Menu at Sakamai

Shaking cocktials at SakaMai
Last night, Lower East Side newcomer SakaMai started pouring sake cocktails during its soft-open party, and we dropped by to check out the stylish space and see just what a "Japanese gastro-lounge" consists of. The eatery, which officially opens to the public on December 20, is separated into a few distinct areas. The front bar has some pub-height tables attached to the wall where guests can stand and drink as they wait for a proper seat. There's a larger back bar area where guests can enjoy cocktails by a consulting bartender from Angel's Share, an intimate lounge space in the way back room and a second-floor mezzanine space for private gatherings.

The thing that got us really excited though was the promise of ramen. In our previous report, we heard rumors that Ivan Orkin of Tokyo's Ivan Ramen will somehow be involved. Last night, the folks behind the eatery said that he'll be putting together a late-night menu of noodles, which will be offered post-10 PM (we think the late-night crowds that frequent this hood will be much obliged). The brothy bowls won't be available at opening time, but you can expect them within a few weeks (157 Ludlow St.; 646-590-0684).

Update: Though we originally reported this as confirmed, a rep from the restaurant writes in to say not so fast, pointing out that the ramen offerings are still in the works, with nothing definite. Word is they are still working on details and don't know whether or not it will be pop up, guest chef situation or a solid late night menu. Though its still in the conceptualization phase, we'll be paying close attention to this one, so stay tuned for further details.


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