12/13/2012 06:28:00 PM

Coming Soon: Michael Cimarusti's Connie & Ted's

Cimarusti served fried clams at LA Loves Alex's Lemonade
While discussing the state of service and the hospitality industry with Providence co-owner and front-of-the-house man Donato Poto, we got a few updates about Connie & Ted's, the New England-style seafood restaurant he and Michael Cimarusti are opening. They took over the old Silver Spoon and demolished it, so they're literally building the new space from the ground up, which means the inevitable construction and permitting delays. While they had hoped it would be open by now - last we saw Cimarusti he crossed his fingers for December - the new target is most likely February. "The rain stopped construction for two weeks," says Poto. "And they couldn't finish the roof. It's that kind of stuff. From the pipes in the ground to the roof, it's all new."

At least that left time for research. Donato, who was born in Italy but has been in LA since the 80s, recently took a trek through New England to taste the kind of food Cimarusti grew up with, the lobster rolls and fried clams and chowder from Providence, Rhode Island to Portland, Maine. "For the people there, this food is in their blood. It's like Italians with pizza and pasta," he says. "We hope to capture that feeling." But Cimarusti won't be duplicating clam shack food, but rather put his own spin on it. "It's definitely an East Coast seafood house, but it won't be just all seafood."

Poto confirms that C&T will be much more casual than Providence, but the food and service will be just as important. The vibe will be young, fun and vibrant with great cocktails, especially since it has a nice big bar. "I want to find the same equal balance as at Providence," he adds. "It's important that people feel comfortable with everything that happens there." We, for one, can't wait for more fried clams.

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  1. Can't wait for Michael's lobster rolls served on a silver platter by Donato!