12/03/2012 01:40:00 PM

Closed: Naked Pizza, Bluebird Sky, Barberry

Bye bye, Bluebird
While tooling around town this weekend, we noticed a few restaurants that had closed up shop.

Looks like Naked Pizza was just too scandalous a concept for New Yorkers to handle, as the chain's 14th Street location has gone to that great pizza oven in the sky.

Down in Chinatown, three-year old sandwich and brunch spot Bluebird Sky flew the coop on November 30.

Over in Williamsburg, New American bistro Barberry on Metropolitan Avenue had its gates down on Friday night, and a follow-up phone call led to the dreaded "disconnected" message.

And finally, some sad news out of Murray Hill, where divey Pine Tree Lodge has poured its last beer at 326 E. 35th St. We'll be sure to pour one out for that joint when we're out and about this week.

Additional reporting by Jacqueline Wasilczyk and Curt Gathje

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  1. Pine Tree Lodge lives on in a new location around the corner (1st Ave. between 33rd and 34th). It's just not the same though . . .