12/28/2012 04:30:00 PM

Chefs Share Their New Year’s Resolutions for 2013: Part One

Morimoto-san wants to walk more in 2013
Some people hate making New Year’s resolutions. Turns out chefs don’t. Here are what the best cooks across the country promise to do in 2013.

Richard Blais, The Spence, Atlanta - “Spend more quality time with my staff. I want to make more of a commitment to team building & nurturing this year. Cook more great vegetables. Especially for the chef in me that cooks at home. I want to tell more vegetable stories this year.
 Home foraging. Foraging is cliche now, but last year I found a pecan tree in my yard. I'm looking into buying a place in NoCal with a persimmon tree and pear tree.
My kids and I collected juniper berries at the park yesterday. Great food is all around us.
 Continue to buy great ingredients. Want to know how to start a great restaurant? Buy great ingredients. There are always ways to deepen the commitment. Teach people how to cook creatively at home, via TV, my book(s) and social media. Finally, open a restaurant in California or New York. It's no secret I’m a native New Yorker and obsessed with California. This is the year I plan on making something happen in those areas.”

Luis Bollo, Salinas, New York - “My resolution for 2013 is to eat less bread and start doing some exercise. Like any Spaniard, I eat a loaf of bread with each meal…which is a crazy way of consuming carbs. I'll try to do some hiking instead of running on a treadmill.”

Katie Busch, Hospoda, New York -   “I’d like to try to spend more time with my family, especially my seven-year-old nephew who lives in Canada; I’d love to find a better New York City apartment; I’d like to finally find the best pancakes in the city; And I’d like to travel more – Greece, Italy and all over South America are next on my must-see list.”

Chris Cosentino, Incanto, San Francisco -  “My New Year's Resolution is to make 2013 a year of improvement all around! My goal is to focus even more on my cooking and what I can do to better the guest experience at the restaurants and Boccalone while making sure to spend as much time as possible with my family. Directing my attention to the most important things in my life will allow me to constantly improve and reach my personal and professional goals in 2013.”

Michael Ferraro, Delicatessen, New York - “I think a really important part of being a chef is continuing to learn and develop. I’m grateful for all my travel experiences for work, but my new year’s resolution is to find more time for personal travel.”

Eduard Frauneder, Seasonal, New York -  “Take more vacation, and not just surrounding kiteboarding! Also, have a big get-together with friends to celebrate the second year anniversary of Edi and the Wolf, and the opening of the Third Man - The Sandy flood kind of destroyed not just the basement also the momentum of festivities.”

Julio Genao, Casa Nonna, New York - “To seek out the best quality ingredients possible, and work closely with purveyors. To get into the habit of exercising, which will help lower my cholesterol -- the last time I checked it was really high! And to eat out more often at high end restaurants, and travel.”

Kyle Itani, Hopscotch, Oakland, CA - “At the moment, I am slightly obsessed with imagining new uses for soba (buckwheat flour). In the new year I resolve to create never before seen applications for this traditional Japanese ingredient."

Matthew LightnerAtera, New York - “I would say my new year's resolutions would be to have more balance in my life and travel to more places I've never been.”

Steve Martorano, Café Martorano, Las Vegas - “My New Year's resolution is to stick with my belief that the customers are not always right."

Todd Mitgang, Crave Fishbar, New York - "My New Year's resolution is to be re-inspired by even the most familiar ingredients. It doesn't always take exotic and unknown to create the most memorable dish."

Marco Moreira, Tocqueville, New York - “After spending the past year working on developing and building my new projects, my resolution for 2013 is to spend my time with my customers, not with builders!"

Masaharu Morimoto, Morimoto, Philadelphia - “To stay healthy, I will walk at least one mile per day, no matter how busy I am.”


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