12/04/2012 12:39:00 PM

Chef Shuffles: Keith Silverton Out at MessHall, Della Gossett in at Spago

There's a little shake-up in the MessHall kitchen: opening exec chef Keith Silverton is no longer there, with Nick Erven stepping in to fill his clogs. LA Mag was told that Silverton was only there to "consult through the opening," which doesn't jibe at all with what the opening press releases stated. He was widely touted as the executive chef, and even did a preview dinner at Short Order months before the opening. MessHall wasn't too bad on our visit, and even Jonathan Gold sounded pretty pro in a recent review. So what gives? Yet to be seen, but with the opening chef and barmen (Josh Goldman and Julian Cox) no longer in the picture, mere months after its debut, sounds like the restaurant is continuing to find its footing.

And as mentioned before, Sherry Yard will be leaving Spago and the Wolfgang Puck restaurant group come January, when she and Sang Yoon will begin the process of opening Helms Bakery (and debuting breakfast at Father's Office). Her replacement has officially been announced: Della Gossett who was last with Charlie Trotter's in Chicago.


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