12/14/2012 12:00:00 PM

Broken Record Dudes Open Rickybobby in the Lower Haight

The Broken Record bacon burger is back at Rickybobby
We don’t exactly think that naming your restaurant after a character from a Will Farrell movie inspires great confidence in the food but in the case of Rickybobby, this newly opened Lower Haight haunt from The Broken Record dudes, we’re going to let it slide. After all, co-chefs James Moisey and Shane LaValley have been serving rave-worthy grub from the back of a woebegone dive bar in the Excelsior for years. Moisey and LaValley have moved their entire Broken Record operation (menu, staff) across town where they’re cranking out a blackboard menu of low-priced pub grub including their infamous beef and bacon burger, pulled pork sandwiches, lobster mac and cheese and crawfish grits, along with a few token salads and desserts such as warm pecan pie. New to the mix is what their calling the Baller’s Corner, weekly fine-dining specials offered at non-baller prices.

The 45-seat sit down restaurant (a step up from its counter-service Broken Record days) features dark green walls, large communal tables and a two-headed taxidermied cow (a similar one hangs at Humphry Slocombe) mounted over the menu board. It’s BYOB until the liquor license comes through, but eventually the bar plans to stock local wines and beers on tap (400 Haight Street).

Open daily form 5:30-11 PM


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