12/21/2012 10:58:00 AM

Brasserie Pushkin Closed "For Renovations" Promises to Reopen

Closed message from Puskin's website
A savvy tipster noticed that upscale Russian eatery Brasserie Pushkin wasn't open for dinner, and a visit to the website confirms that the restaurant is "closed for renovations" and a call to the eatery confirms the venue is shuttered through "early 2013" as per a voice mail recording. There was some debate when the eatery first opened in March regarding the state of the city's Russian dining scene. Pushkin was right down the block from The Russian Tea Room, and some industry watchers said the area was oversaturated.  Even so, the eatery scored an impressive 26 for Food in our 2013 New York City Restaurants survey, making it the Big Apple's Top Rated eatery. We'll continue to provide updates if and when the venue reopens.

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  1. So what happened with this restaurant? It's almost 2014.... I guess they never reopened? Anyone know why?