12/07/2012 03:09:00 PM

Bourdain's in LA, Where's He Eating?

Hoping to catch a glimpse of Anthony Bourdain while he's in town? Or even better, gobble a taco next to him? Check him out on Facebook and Twitter. He's not really giving specifics, and most likely updating after the fact, but definitely leaving a few crumbs along the way. When he arrived earlier this week, a SoCal burger was in order. "Looking forward to that In-N-Out Burger near the airport. First things first," he said on Wednesday. And apparently he made the Roy Choi rounds last night: "A-Frame, Eat Chego, Kogi BBQ truck last night. Overdose of deliciousness. No hills, no beaches, no palms LA show. Koreacentric. KGB." It's almost as good as an episode of The Layover.


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