12/18/2012 01:59:00 PM

Boston's 10 Biggest Restaurant Trends of 2012

Burgers are still hot and here to stay.
Over this past year, Greater Boston chefs and restaurateurs have been creative as ever. Between more savory cocktails, lamb belly as the new bacon and spiked milkshakes, there’s been a myriad of trends emerging from this market and beyond. Then there's the burger craze that won't let up. We’ve gathered the top 10 trends of this past year, but we know there’re many more. Feel free to give us your two cents on what you’ve been seeing. And bon app├ętit!


  1. Haven't goats been domesticated for, oh, 10,000 years now? Same with oxen.

  2. Lamb belly is the new bacon? Disgusting! Stop torturing innocent animals for "interesting" new ways to stuff fat Americans' bellies.