12/14/2012 01:21:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate/Drank Yesterday: Float's Pumpkin Ice Cream Float

The beauty of living in Southern California during the winter months, or reason #178, is that eating ice cream is perfectly acceptable even when it's cold. Or maybe that's just us. So when we stumbled upon the cute new little Float cafe in Pasadena, whose menu is mostly ice cream floats, what were to do? Get a sandwich? Well, we almost did. But we settled for a holiday-inspired float made with Fosselman's pumpkin ice cream, vanilla cream soda and graham crackers. It was the perfect early evening treat. Sure, dessert before dinner is also perfectly acceptable.

There are a few house floats, but you can also concoct your own by choosing your ice cream flavor and one of the fun bottled soda pops in the case. Peppermint ice cream and root beer? Sure. Vanilla and cherry soda? You bet. There's also Handsome Coffee, Brooklyn Bagels bagels, and breads from The Village Bakery. The chipotle BLT really caught our eye, and the LA Weekly dug the cold-cut Goodfella. This smart little outfit is a gread addition to the burgeoning South Lake Avenue neighborhood.

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