12/11/2012 02:05:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Yesterday: Bob's Cinnamon Roll

We know, we know. We love donuts, especially gourmet ones (come on, Plan Check's cruller in cream? Oof.). But we also love a good old-fashioned donut, the kind you get at donut institutions like Glendora's Donut Man, Stan's or Randy's. But those aren't in our neck of the woods; Bob's Coffee & Donuts at the Original Farmers Market is.

A classic raised donut is usually what we're after here, maybe eve in the shape of a dinosaur. But the cinnamon roll (another pastry we love) is hard to beat. First, it's the biggest donut at the stand, so in theory you can share it. Second, it's basically just a big twirled glazed donut with a good hint of cinnamon; so soft, like sweet air. This is the only time we, the admitted coffee snobs, approve of regular drip coffee in (gasp!) styrofoam cups, too. But hey, it's Bob's.


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