12/26/2012 10:00:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate Last Week: Steak Frites at Russell House Tavern

Russell House Tavern Steak Frites
Steak frites is a ubiquitous dish, but it’s also a good test of how well a kitchen can take the often tougher (marbly) flat iron cut from the shoulder and turn it into something good. We found that Harvard Square's Russell House Tavern version is très juicy. The 10-ounce flat iron steak is from Maine Family Farms; it’s cooked to order (in our case medium rare), jazzed up with garlic aïoli, a flavorful demi glace and excellent fries to boot ($25). Plus there’s a small side of arugula and onion salad - a nice dish to share on a date or hearty reprieve from shopping (hey, gotta hit those holiday sales).


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