12/21/2012 09:30:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Spaghetti Neri at Al Di La

Al Di La is a perennial Park Slope favorite, and with good reason. After 14 years in business, instead of letting things slide, chef Anna Klinger and the staff continue to challenge and perfect what they do, leading to the continued long waits locals have come to expect.

For what's rumored to be one of our last meal on earth, we chose the spaghetti neri alla chitarra - think expertly cooked handmade squid ink pasta, complemented by crab meat, lemon, tomatoes, mint and hot chlli pepper. It's simultaneously both comforting and surprising. Despite what some might think are an odd mix of ingredients, the different components come together in one interesting, satisfying bite. The al dente noodles work well with the soft texture of the crab, the lemon and tomatoes provide that bright acid flavor you want with seafood, and the chili and mint add an extra dimension that rounds out the dish.

It's big enough to potentially share with someone if you're ordering a few menu items, but we can't see why you'd want to. If we weren't so full, we would have done a second round. And we're optimists - if the world doesn't end, now we have a meal to look forward to revisiting ($18; 718-783-4565).


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