12/07/2012 11:00:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Pulled Pork and Dessert at Sugar and Plumm

Given its Upper West Side digs and target child-friendly audience, Sugar and Plumm surprises by having more varied options than expected. While an eclectic menu can signal a lack of focus, we were pleased with the house-smoked pulled pork and waffles entree, towered high with pickled onion slaw and jalapeƱo. Despite the maple BBQ sauce and waffle, the dish wasn't overly sweet, and the tangy slaw helped to cut the richness in each bite. At $15, it's one of the cheaper selections on the dinner menu, and if you're trying to leave room for dessert, the stacked dish (two waffles with pork in between) could easily be shared.

When it comes to desserts, the most popular option is the over-the-top Earthquake in a Fishbowl that comes with Heaven/Hell cake, cheesecake, key lime pie, Brooklyn blackout cake, butterscotch pudding, and vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel ice cream. It's decadent and certainly stands out, but we prefer to keep things simple. A scoop of the hokey pokey frozen yogurt proved to be the ideal end of the evening - tangy and refreshing with a pleasing crunch thanks to the honey comb, it satisfies a sweet tooth without overwhelming.


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