12/27/2012 12:20:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Pasta at Lincoln in Portland, Oregon

Today we're guest-blogging from Portland, Oregon, where, as astute readers probably know, the food scene is on fire. One hot spot is Lincoln, where chef Jenn Louis was named Food & Wine Best New Chef for 2012. We popped in for dinner, and Louis' cooking did not disappoint. While we adored apps like her cured scallop with preserved lemon and a creamy-crunchy cabbage salad, it was the simple yet flavor-packed pastas that blew us away. Pictured here is a special of house-made fettucine with lacinato kale, fennel, and a rare variety of Italian cayenne pepper that's as fruity as it is spicy. Since pastas can be ordered in half portions, we also tried a delicious wintry pumpkin cavatelli with gorgonzola dolce, cream, and walnuts. Cocktail pairings from Louis' husband and co-owner, David Welch, didn't hurt either.


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