12/18/2012 10:55:00 AM

Beer Art: Watch Local Artist Paint Using Solemn Oath Beer

Naperville brewery Solemn Oath released a challenge to their loyal beer-drinking followers: get creative with beer. Sure, drinking it is delicious, but the brewers wanted to see what else could be done with a growler of Ravaged By Vikings. The rules were simple, entries for the Oath Hack challenge were taken in digital form and involved something associated with there brewery – tee shirt, beer, hats, empty bottles, etc. Entrants could perform music, make art, execute a prank or anything else creative as long as it was captured on film.

This entry was by local artist Alexis Fraser who transformed a photograph from Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting into a painting using only beer as her medium. No beer was wasted during the creation of this art. Watch the video and notice that they pour as much beer into their mouths as onto the canvas.

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