12/27/2012 05:40:00 PM

12 Best Noodle Shops Around LA

Whether they're for pho or ramen, or hand-cut thick for beef or black bean sauce, we Angelenos are fortunate to have noodle shops of every ilk. And with the proliferation of soupy, saucy spots this year - especially ramen - noodle lovers have even more places to slurp these days. Perfect for chilly nights or, in some cases, hot days, here are the top 12 noodle shops our surveyors voted as their favorites in the 2013 Los Angeles Restaurants guide. Did yours make the cut? Let us know in the comments!


  1. No Take a Bao? Incredible nontraditional Noodles!

  2. Mr. Ramen has to be one of the most overlooked restaurants in LA...

  3. for my taste the best Pho Bo soup is at Typhoon Restaurant at Santa Monica Airport R.C.

  4. I cant believe Foo Foo Tei was not on this list. I have tried most of the places in this top 12 and Foo Foo Tei is easily in the top 4.

  5. I agree that Mr Ramen down the street from Daikokuya is pretty good actually.

    Mandarin Noodle House and Yamadaya are two of my favorites, awesome food.

    Pho 79 is ok. Golden Deli down the street is better.

    The noodles arent all that at 101. Most people come for the other things on the menu.

    Im not a fan of Santouka shio style ramen or Daikokuya in general (the quality has gone down severely in recent years. I'd recommend Shin Sen way above it).

  6. Pho So is so-so... Pho Consume (about a block away) wins against it hands down in not only the food but the service as well with a wider selection of dishes. I've only had the ho here but it never disappoints.