12/11/2012 03:35:00 PM

10 Best Restaurants for Service Around Los Angeles

Josiah Citrin and his team at Melisse
Famed New York restaurateur and service guru Danny Meyer once said, "Everybody makes mistakes. It's what happens next that matters." Ain't that the truth. Service ranks as your number one complaint in our restaurant surveys - in the 2013 Los Angeles and Southern California Restaurants guide, 61% of you said it's your biggest drawback when dining out, which even beats New York. And while many outsiders or newcomers (ok, and sometimes we) gripe that the servers in this town are more focused on their next audition and not hospitality, we know that there are plenty of front-of-the-house staffers who make sure every meal is as good as it can be, whether it's the most expensive place in town or a neighborhood taco joint.

So here's a slide show of the 10 best restaurants with notable service around LA as voted by our sureveyors. Did we miss your favorite, do you disagree or do you simply have some thoughts on what constitutes great service? Let us know in the comments or via social media using the hashtag #ServiceWeek.

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  1. No question about it. Providence is definitely number one for me. The consistency of the food and service is remarkable. The staff is superb. Michael is a perfectionist and the results are outstanding.