11/19/2012 04:23:00 AM

Where to Eat Shanghai Soup Dumplings in London

You can't stop at just one when it comes to these steamed Shanghai dumplings (xiao long bao). They're not easy to eat (poke it first to let the steam out) but once you bite into the delicate pork parcel, you'll be delighted to find it filled with a small sip of piping hot soup. Here are four London restaurants to find these wonderful parcels of goodness.

Princess Garden of Mayfair 
Soup dumplings are not officially on the menu at this Mayfair Chinese, but ask nicely and they will bring you a basket of xiao long bao and a side of vinegar with your dim sum (020 7493 3223).

China Tang 
You can't fault the delicious and delicate little pork dumplings at this upmarket restaruant in the Dorchester Hotel. The only problem? How to slurp them in such elegant surroundings (020 7629 9988).

Royal China
Order the Shanghai pork dumplings at all branches of this traditional Chinese restaurant, and make sure to eat them while they are still hot (020 7487 4688).

Leong's Legends
The hand-rolled wonders (you can actually see them being rolled in the restaurant window) are filled with a warm fragrant broth that releases as you take a bite (020 7734 3380).


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