11/09/2012 06:57:00 AM

Veg Out: 3 Must-Try Meat Free Burgers

Our sincerest apologies to vegetarian readers who have had to endure meaty pictures during Burger Week. As a thank you for sticking with us, here are 3 must-try vegetarian burgers to sink your teeth into. (Warning: No animals were killed in making this blog post.)

Lucky Chip 
The dinky burgers at the Sliders Bar at The Player in Soho are made for vegetarians too. Get involved with a tasty potato cake hamburger topped with kimchi and wasabi mayo.

Meat Liquor 
Under a small section on the menu called 'Rabbit Food', you'll find a juicy, greasy mess of a veggie burger made with halloumi cheese, mushrooms, red onions and pickles.

The Soho restaurants is loved by both vegetarians and meat eaters. Don't miss the Burger of the Day - the most popular being a healthy beetroot, fennel and dill version.


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