11/07/2012 04:39:00 PM

Umamicatessen Gets More Vegetarian-Friendly

For a place where burgers, brainaise and Pigg-y nibbles rule, it's a little against the grain for Umamicatessen to go more vegetarian, but it has. Maybe it's by default, as it really just launched a new menu with a lot more salads and market-driven small plates, but it's a twist from the plates of ham, thick-cut pastrami sandwiches and fried pig's ears.

If you lean a little more vegetarian, there's now flash-fried brussels sprouts with parmesan, caramelized squash with cumin yogurt, butter lettuce and kale Caesar salad, and a chopped beet salad with albacore, chickpeas and grabiche dressing among other dishes. Of course, this is Umamicatessen, so it's not all healthy and light. Among the usual favorites, Pigg added a breakfast sandwich with sausage, pig-ear bacon and a poached egg (it probably belongs on this list), and & a Donut comes out with a whiskey bread pudding doughnut topped with dried fruit and orange cream cheese. Foie gras doughnut, what? The new and old dishes can be found on the full menu here.


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