11/28/2012 03:49:00 PM

Two Truths and a Lie: Chef Sam Jacobson

Last week, Sam Jacobson announced his imminent departure from Sycamore, the Lansdowne BYO he has run since 2009 (which this year scored a 28 for Food in our Survey). "I am very sad to be leaving,” the chef told us, “but it's something I needed to do. Not sure where the wind will take me but I am looking forward to new opportunities opening up."

We found out a bit more about Jacobson’s plans for the immediate future, but also a bit about his past. Two of the follow statements about Sam are entirely true. One is a falsehood. Which is which? Scroll down past the jump to find out.

“My next door neighbour is Jose Garces' mum.”

“I have a birthmark in the shape of a whisk.”

“I cycled 250 miles across Cuba.”

Turns out the British chef does indeed live next to an Iron Chef’s mother (Iron Mom?), and he is a very good bike rider. He does not, unfortunately, have a birthmark in the shape of a whisk.

A few other interesting tidbits we learned about Jacobson’s life up to this point:

- He once tricked his boss into eating a chocolate truffle filled with Minor's fish base.
- He was once hospitalized for three days by a cat bite.
- His dad has a collection of original Picassos hanging in his house.
- When he was four years old, he was asked what he wanted to drink at a McDonald's, and replied, "Wine please!"

As for what’s next, he’ll be heading out to see the country and world with his girlfriend. Where will they go? The itinerary includes a stop at Alinea in Chicago, New Year’s Eve at The Catbird Seat in Nashville, a visit to Rionne XIII in Seattle and a trip to England, where he is determined to have another meal or two at St. John. And while he’s overseas, a jaunt to the Continent, hopefully including a visit to Belgium’s Cantillon Brewery. Good luck, Sam - we’ll try not to be too jealous.


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