11/08/2012 11:23:00 AM

Top Chefs Gang Up on Amateur Food Blogger

A playground-style fight has broken out between an amateur food blogger (with only 12 reviews on his site) and Claude Bosi - head chef at Hibiscus in Mayfair. The result is every chef's nightmare: it has left a bad taste in everyone's mouth.

James Isherwood - a paying customer - reviewed the restaurant for his blog Dining With James and, in short, wasn't very impressed. It would have ended there and few would have heard his opinion if Claude Bosi, the award-winning chef himself hadn't taken to Twitter to hurl abuse (including some quite colorful language) at the blogger.

And if that wasn't enough, chef Tom Kerridge from the Hand and Flowers joined in, leading The Guardian to publish a full account of the whole embarrassing fight. Professional chef Luke Mackay, who wrote the piece for the Word of Mouth blog, advises that the public name-calling is 'going to kill you before any pee-wee blogger.'

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  1. Unfortunately for Claude, we live in a world whereby conversations and opinions are digital. Regardless of James’s view it doesn’t justify calling him a c*** and embarking on a character assassination, this is a shocking way to behave and a terrible example to set in any walk-of-life. If the review was deemed unfair, why wasn’t the effort put into contacting James and engaging in the conversation to resolve the issue in a positive way? It may also provide some insight into what other customers are thinking, another positive action. Instead we’ve witnessed a lot of unnecessary conflict and bad feeling. London food blog