11/20/2012 04:00:00 PM

Thomas Keller Releases New Garden-Themed Finesse Magazine Online

Just a day in the life of Thomas Keller harvesting herbs
In addition to running a bi-coastal empire and authoring scores of cookbooks, Thomas Keller is also the publisher of his own vanity publication, Finesse Magazine. The initial three issues focused on the stories behind Keller’s flagship restaurants, but the fourth and latest garden-themed edition looks outward with the inclusion of interviews by other well known chefs and farming luminaries such as Neil Perry (Rockpool), RenĂ© Redzepi (Noma) and Sam Kass, assistant chef and senior policy advisor for healthy food initiatives at the White House.

But don’t bother to go running out to the newsstand. Hard copies of the lush magazine are only available and in limited quantities for those lucky guests of Keller’s restaurants (The French Laundry, Per Se, Bouchon, Bouchon Bakery, Ad Hoc). The rest of us will have to be satisfied gawking at it from our smart phones or iPads. The digital version of the magazine is available for download for both Apple and Android devices for $1.99 at their respective online sites. The downloaded version also includes highlights from Keller’s trip to London for the pop-up of The French Laundry at Harrods and a video featuring his specialty butter purveyor at her dairy farm. For downloads and details, click here.


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