11/26/2012 03:30:00 PM

The Next Iron Chef Redemption Episode 4: Canned Heat

"I know, bro."; Image via Food Network
Last night's Next Iron Chef began with the predictable canned food challenge, which has been requisite in practically all reality cooking competitions since the first season of Top Chef. The chefs get to choose what canned item they will use keeping in mind the challenge theme of "transformation." Amanda Freitag won last time so she gets to pick any can she wants and oddly goes for the canned corned beef. Whatever works, honey. Jehangir Mehta goes for the unlabeled mystery can because it's the smallest - another interesting move. Marcel seemingly ends up with the best one - canned clams and Spike is "crazzzzyyy" so he picks the canned Vienna sausage. After all, the challenge is all about making the ordinary extraordinary and...that's Spike (according to Spike). There's more bromance going on between him and Marcel who "used to make gnocchi together back in the day when they were nobodies" - foreshadowing for events to come.

The judges love Amanda Freitag's dish - Geoffrey Zakarian deems it "five star camp food" but Donatella thinks it may be too "side dishy." The judges also like Jehangir Mehta's canned chicken pakora and Elizabeth Falkner's beef bordelaise. Although Marcel gets seemingly the easiest ingredient - canned clams - the judges deem his dish way too salty and Alton says it's inedible. Ouch. They judges also aren't big on Spike's dish, which is weird because he "brushes his teeth with nuoc cham." He should really just stop talking. Falkner takes the win and the two bros Spike and Marcel end up in the secret ingredient showdown.

The lucky secret ingredient is lobster which has both dudes stoked. Alex G. calls it - this is not a chef showdown it's a bro-down. Hiyo! Spike wants to make the kind of food that makes people either have sex after or fall asleep. Mmmk. Just to be completely annoying, the two bros decide to be clever and plate their dishes together. All the chefs are pissed. Nate declares that they are making a mockery of the competition. It doesn't matter when it comes to the judging as Spike is finally sent packing - it must have been Marcel's amazing hibiscus gel that put him over the top. Until next week.


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