11/08/2012 02:35:00 PM

Most Ridiculous Burger We Ate Yesterday: The Freiburger at Dog Haus

One thing we've found out in our Burger Week shenanigans is that it's not a question of how many toppings make a burger ridiculous, it's what sort of toppings. When you have just the right ingredients, it could render a burger as pure bliss, a perfect sum of its parts. If you're not careful, a burger with too much going on is too unwieldy and cumbersome to eat, mostly tasting like a mess of indistinguishable flavors. The Freiburger at the Dog Haus Biergarten is somewhere between the two.

We've been to the Dog Haus for messy chili cheese dogs on soft Hawaiian rolls, but we never thought about trying a burger there. Yesterday we learned about one, a nicely seasoned beef patty piled with cole slaw, French fries (!!) and a sunny-side up egg on four sweet rolls stuck together to make a bun. At first glance, you're not sure how to go at this thing. It's tall, it's layered, there's a lot to contend with.

The real magic happens when you cut into it and the golden yolk starts to run through everything else. Grab about five or six napkins, and go in. Surprisingly, everything holds together on the bun, but juice and egg and dressing drips everywhere. You've seen this before, especially if you've been to Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh where every sandwich comes topped with fries and slaw. Why? Because it's damn tasty, that's why. This thing seems ready made for an LA food truck, which just makes us wonder: Why hasn't anyone done it yet?
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