11/15/2012 04:23:00 PM

The Farm and Fisherman, Vernick Food & Drink Menu Updates

Kitchen at Vernick Food & Drink, courtesy of the restaurant
In order to truly take advantage of his connections with farmers and delve into nose to tail cooking, Joshua Lawler has debuted a new "Its 'N' Bits" menu at his Washington West BYO The Farm and Fisherman. Depending on the ingredients that he gets, special items might include crispy pork snout with bacon and blue cheese, 24-hour slow-roasted squash, and baby chicken with vegetables and eggplant broth. While the special dishes won't be available nightly, you can keep your eyes peeled on Lawler's Twitter account to see when they'll be hosted. Just make sure you get there early, as only limited amounts will be available (267-687-1555).

Over at Rittenhouse American restaurant Vernick Food & Drink, autumn additions include butternut squash soup, braised veal osso bucco and nightly specials like tuna belly with caviar and toasted brioche. On the cocktail side, the classic Manhattan gets a personal touch - it's now made to order according to customer specifications, with preferred flavor profiles taken into account in the bartender's selection of whiskeys, vermouths and bitters (267-639-6644).


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