11/14/2012 09:25:00 AM

The Best Thing We Drank Last Night: Cocktails at Boston's Drink

For the past few days we've had the pleasure of being in Boston to celebrate the young up and comers in the city's restaurant industry. We toasted the latest class of our 30 Under 30 honorees with Champagne at the Boston Public Library, but naturally we stayed up late for a little after-party action. We headed to Barbara Lynch's Drink for a few artisanal cocktails. There's no menu, and the bartenders don't hesitate to not-so-subtly guide you when asking for a suggestion ("you don't want that"). We started with a new take on the Negroni and then asked for something with Sherry, landing this cocktail with a single olive served in a glass sidecar. Fancy.

While the drink making is certainly the same caliber as NYC, the Boston cocktail scene has something that New York doesn't: space. It was nice to enjoy a tipple without being sardined into a bar stool next to eager booze hounds. Boston's 30 under 30, this one's for you.


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