11/14/2012 05:14:00 PM

The Beatrice Inn Reopens Officially

Oh, hello
After a 3.5 year hiatus, The Beatrice Inn is back in action, but it's a much different Beatrice than the sceney, clubby incarnation you knew from its last owner Paul Sevigny. Vanity Fair honcho-cum-restaurateur Graydon Carter has taken the joint over and completely revamped it, returning it to a cozy neighborhood restaurant...with an annoying email-only reservations system, natch. Chef Brian Nasworthy is helming the stoves which will serve up more of Grayson's beloved American comfort fare, with a kind of steakhouse twist: wagyu ribeye for two, wedge salad, shrimp cocktail, etc. Commence scrambling.

285 West 12th St.; 646-896-1804
Reservations: beatrice@thebeatriceinn.com

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  1. Glad to see this place returning to its roots, but it's definitely going to alienate former guests.