11/21/2012 03:54:00 PM

The Bacon Burger Arrives in Pasadena

You'll get sick of turkey by, oh, Saturday afternoon sometime. Which is why you'll be grateful for a beefy burger, better yet, a beefy burger that's half bacon. Adding to the Burger Vortex of Pasadena, Slater's 50/50 debuts in Old Town on Friday (Nov. 23) at 2 PM. It's takes over a huge space on the corner of Raymond Avenue and Union Street, which is much more fitting than the cheesy nightclub that was there before it. And how are these burgers different than Umami just a few hundred feet away?

Umami has a slickness to it; Slater's is more Guy Fieri. The patties are made with half bacon, first of all, and topped with anything from peanut butter and jelly to more bacon. The rest of the menu features beer-sopping stuff like artichoke, cheese and roasted garlic dip served in a breadbowl, and mac and cheese studded with buffalo chicken bites, blue cheese crumbles and a toasted Cheez-Its crust. There are bacon brownies, bacon Bloody Marys and bacon Old Fashioneds, plus a ton of craft brews on tap because you'll need something to drink after all that bacon. If you tire of all that bacon, head to the Blind Donkey next door for a spot of whiskey.

61 N. Raymond Ave.; 626-765-9700


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