11/06/2012 09:16:00 AM

The 8 Best Burgers in New York

Photos: Gabi Porter 
Look around the streets of New York City and you'll see that burgers are everywhere. From the high-end restaurant that serves a foie gras-stuffed patty to the corner pub that dishes out juicy treats to soak up some beers, establishments know that their menus wouldn't be complete without a burger. With such fierce competition, it takes a lot to stand out as the best. Take a look at the top eight burger joints in the Big Apple in the slide show below, according to our 2013 New York City Restaurants guide.

Think another deserving patty should have landed on the list? All the ratings come from your votes and feedback, so jump on Google+ Local and review your favorite burgers now.


  1. HOW are P.J. Clarke's and J.G. Melon not on here? Honestly. How?

  2. Your address for Dumont is completely wrong. It's at 432 Union Ave right off the Lorimer stop on the L/G. Nowhere close to Bay Ridge.