11/17/2012 02:52:00 PM

Stephen Starr Talks Serpico, Divine Lorraine Project at James Beard Gala

If you're a busy little bee like restaurant magnate Stephen Starr, chances are you have a fair amount of rumors floating around about upcoming projects. Here's what we managed to find out when we chatted with him and his pal Peter Serpico at last night's EPIC James Beard Gala (more on that to come):

-Serpico, the "straightforward, simplistic American" concept coming to South Philly from Momofuku Ko's Peter Serpico probably won't be opening until around January. From the sound of it, construction is the hold-up. Serpico, though, is busy coming up with his menu, which promises to be both weird and wonderful.

"I have many more failures than I do successes," Serpico says, but has expressed particular excitement over a Japanese-style steamed egg custard with crumbled chicken and and shrimp and Idaho potato "pebbles," a quirky take off chawanmushi, and a duck hotdog ("but it's not really a hot dog at all...I'm just calling it that") that's sprinkled with Activa (i.e., "meat glue") and paired with avocado, mayo, charred and pickled jalepeƱos and parmesan. South Philly, known more for its dive-y bars and cheesesteak offerings, is in for a surprise. We can't wait.

-You know the buzz - which was quickly shot down by Starr - about that potential restaurant in The Divine Lorraine? That may not be a closed case. Apparently the developers are "interested" in having him come on board and they're currently "talking about it," according to Starr. Either way, I'll just be excited for when you're able to walk through the beautiful, venerable building without worrying about a brick falling on our head.

-Word is there is going to be a Starr hotel in Philadelphia, right up the street from his Fishtown beer mecca Frankford Hall. Details are hazy, but keep an eye out for any new developments.


  1. Actually, the Serpico restaurant is coming to South STREET, not South Philly. And South Philly is no longer known for dive-y bars and cheesesteaks - one of the hottest restaurant zones in the city is now East Passyunk, with several top-notch spots.

    We're looking forward to Serpico and Starr's collab, but "in for a surprise" we are not.

  2. WHY would there be a need to put a hotel in Fishtown? this neighborhood is being ruined.