11/01/2012 09:40:00 AM

Squatters Occupy The Cross Keys in Chelsea

When property developer and owner of The Cross Keys in Chelsea closed the doors of the 300-year-old pub in the hope of turning the property into a multi-million pound home he probably wasn't expecting thing to turn out the way they did. First his application for planning permission was denied and now 17 squatters have taken up residence in the property.

According to the Londonist the squatters insist they have good intentions and are looking after the property until a suitable buyer can be found. (They have apparently fixed the toilet and got rid of mice.) In September squatting in residential properties became a crime in the UK but occupying commercial properties is not yet.

The same owner and property developer, Robert Bourne is also hoping to close nearby The Phene. Sign the 'Save The Phene' petition online now before another Chelsea institution is left to squatters and mice.


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