11/08/2012 06:24:00 PM

Sponsored: 5 Secrets of a Cruise Ship Kitchen (aka Galley)

Sponsored by Norwegian Cruise Line
Cruise lines have gone far beyond the buffets and flaming Baked Alaskas that were popular in a different era. Anyone who's sailed on a modern-day ship has likely encountered an exciting range of edible options, from room service to a sit-down meal in a formal dining room to dinner and a show. Though your culinary adventures on the high seas seem effortless, they're not. This week we talked to Wes Cort, Director of Restaurant & Beverage Development and Operations for Norwegian Cruise Line, and he talked about the balancing act that goes into serving a small city seven days a week. And we do mean balancing - one thing we learned is that it can be quite tricky for a circus performer to walk across a wire on a moving ship.


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