11/07/2012 04:39:00 PM

Sink Your Teeth into 12 Patties of Meat at Burger Boss

We showed you the most expensive truffle-covered burger in Chicago, now how about some excess of a different variety? Just west of the city in Elmwood Park sits Burger Boss with a challenge known as the CEO or "Chew Every Ounce." The burger containes 12 patties (2 1/3 pounds of beef), each topped with slices of cheddar (1/2 pounds of cheese) and strips of bacon (1/4 pound of pig). In case over 3 pounds of fat and dairy isn't enough, they add a fried egg, pickles, secret Boss sauce and mayo before skewering it bewteen a toasted brioche bun. Are you dead yet? No? Good, because this monstrosity sits on a bed made from one pound of French fries. Challengers have one hour to clear their plate. Those who can stomach all that grilled and fried food, walk away with a place of honor on the CEO’s wall, a Burger Boss CEO Big Boss t-shirt and a stomach ache. Watch them make this towering creation in the video.


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