11/13/2012 02:27:00 PM

Score Some Sweet Deals on NYC Sweets

As any sane person knows, after a week of focusing on burgers, the only reasonable next step is to turn our attention to desserts. And in addition to talking about New York’s eight best dessert spots, we’re here to offer you some sweet (get it?) deals.

Chocolate lovers rejoice: if you’re looking for just the right gift (hey, Valentine’s Day is a mere three months away), this 50% off deal from 5th Avenue Chocolatiere is for you. And why stress about finding that perfect Thanksgiving hostess gift, when this 50% off deal from Chocolate Works can easily solve all your problems.

Try a top-rated place on the cheap: One of our top eight sweets specialists is offering a limited-time deal that you would be crazy to pass up. Your future self with thank us—especially if you use it on impressing a date (remember, Valentine’s Day. Three months.)


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