11/06/2012 04:46:00 PM

Schlow Cooks Up a Win-Win Post-Election Dinner at Happy's

Michael Schlow
In a fun, bipartisan promotional proposition, chef Michael Schlow (Radius, Alta Strada, Via Matta, Tico, Happy’s Bar & Kitchen) is putting his creative menu-making skills on the line: no matter who wins, he’s cooking a satirical post-2012 Presidential Election dinner on Thursday, November 8 at Happy’s in a semi-private room dubbed "The Independent" (get it?) in the Fenway.

If President Barack Obama gets reelected, per the restaurant the menu will feature “out of control spending with plenty of pork" for $75 (with a bail out of a $25 gift card for your next visit). If former Gov. Mitt Romney is elected, Schlow says he’ll cut the cost of the menu to $60, “although he has no idea how he will pay for it, yet he’s pretty sure that 47 percent of people won't care anyway.” As for a one percent give-away on desserts, that's next election. The fun begins at 6:30 PM with cocktails, 7:15 PM for dinner (857-753-4100).

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