11/01/2012 04:38:00 PM

Red Owl Tavern: It’s All About the Meat

Even if you’re not a tourist, there’s a very good reason to step inside the new Hotel Monaco on Independence Mall: the Red Owl Tavern. Like Square 1682 at Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar in Rittenhouse, the in-house eatery at the Monaco serves food at a much higher level than might be expected from a hotel establishment. Chef Guillermo Tellez oversees both kitchens, and at Red Owl Tavern has the added luxury of an in-house butcher so whole animals can be brought in and used fresh, head to tail.

We stopped in recently for a bite (bonus: Tellez was actually working the line) and were struck by the quality and variety of meat offered on the very accessible menu. Sure, there are pretty salads and creative pastas, but if you’re a serious carnivore, this rustic tavern is for you. Check six of our favorite meaty dishes in the slide show below.


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