11/15/2012 11:15:00 AM

Raymond Blanc Banned From Serving Lambs Liver by Westminster Council

In his cookbook Kitchen Secrets, chef Raymond Blanc writes that a short cooking time is essential when it comes to preparing lambs liver.

But it seems that recipe doesn't agree with everyone. Westminster council have ordered the chef to remove the dish from the menu at his Covent Garden restaurant, Brasserie Blanc, after two diners fell ill with food poisoning.

The council has a food protection rule that states lambs liver must be cooked at 70C for at least two minutes. A spokeswoman for the chef told the Guardian, "Brasserie Bar has not contested the EHO enforcement and will no longer serve liver in any of its restaurants. In order to serve liver and comply with Westminster council, it would need to be overcooked to such an extent that our customers just won't eat it."

How much of a foodie are you? Would you risk your life to try the dish as the award-winning chef intends it to be eaten?


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