11/09/2012 12:19:00 PM

Ramen: Three Times a Trend

First came Tonkotsu - the Soho ramen-ya where the stock is cooked for more than 18 hours and the queues are out the door.

Then came Bone Daddies from Ross Shonhan (ex head chef at Zuma and Nobu), where your noodles are served with a side of rock 'n' roll.

And now we have a third new ramen noodle bar in central London.

Opening today on Regent's Street is Shoryu Ramen - a Japanese-style noodle soup bar specialising in hakata tonkotsu ramen noodles from Southern Japan. The authentic dishes are made with a pork-based thick white soup and include options like wasabi, yuzu or spicy miso. There are also plenty of side dishes like pork dumplings and takoyaki deep-fried octopus balls for those than need a little something extra.


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